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Mustafa Ali picked up the first win in RETRIBUTION history last night

After cutting a promo where RETRIBUTION became the second faction this year to try and recruit Ricochet, and where RECKONING added Alexa Bliss to the list of women she’s mad at* again threatened Asuka, Mustafa Ali & Ricochet had themselves a match on Raw last night (Nov. 9).

It was a very entertaining 10+ minute affair, as you’d expect from two talented men like Ali & Ric. It was also the first time someone associated with RETRIBUTION has won a match since the group showed up back in August.

Now granted, they haven’t had that many actual matches. With Ali’s referee stoppage win on Raw, the crew is a collective 1 - 4. They’d probably argue - in a lengthy, ominous-sounding monologue - that they chose inflicting punishment over victory in their trio of tag bouts with The Hurt Business. My buddy Cain would probably argue the sheer artistry of SLAPJACK’s performance against Bobby Lashley was an achievement in and of itself.

But still - if you’re going to book a faction hellbent on destroying the company for any matches, it shouldn’t take them three months to win one, right?

Everyone involved in RETRIBUTION keeps trying to turn the group into more than a punchline, but WWE continues to make their job near impossible.

Which, come to think of it, is actually a good way to deal with people trying to destroy you.

Anyway... congrats on that first dub, RETRIBUTION.

* Until JEOHankins2 corrected me, I was hoping Mia Yim was targeting The Fiend’s newest friend as payback for the beatdown he put on RETRIBUTION in October.

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