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WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (Nov. 9, 2020): Can’t we all get along?

I must have a post-election week high because I absolutely loved everything that happened with the Raw Survivor Series team.

Riddle won a match between he, Elias, and Jeff Hardy to qualify as the final man on the Raw’s Survivor Series team. Riddle’s been having some decent matches as of late and this was another. He’s got nice chemistry with both Sheamus and Jeff Hardy. I’m really just… not into Elias right now.

After the match, Sheamus went up to AJ Styles as if Styles had just put Riddle on the team without the match that just happened. A little confusing. Sheamus said AJ is not his captain, and then Braun walked in and said the same.

And then we had the “team meeting” segment, which I feel like I’d have normally disliked, but I loved it. Sheamus is upset about Riddle, but AJ put him over. Riddle said he’s got the right idea to get everyone together, and AJ’s face lit up. “Codenames, Bro! AJ is the Skipper, Braun is Mongoose, Keith is BroLee, and Sheamus is Fireface.” Sheamus got angry because he assumed that it was because he has red hair, but Bro said it was because his face gets red when he’s mad. Then Sheamus said his nickname is “Dopey.”

Get it? Dopey. Riddle is Dop… yeah.

Then there was an impromptu tag title match between the men. And I loved that too! Keith was flying around, Riddle and Sheamus had more awesomeness between them, and Sheamus and Braun continued to fight. But Riddle accidentally hit special referee AJ twice, and then AJ got caught in between Braun and Keith as they charged at each other. Sheamus was about to win but Braun ruined it and Riddle schoolboyed Sheamus for the win.

I usually piss all over the Survivor Series team infighting but this was fantastic. Add in AJ’s constant trying to get everyone to get along, and I just don’t know why I was so ridiculously entertained by it this week. AJ’s just trying to get his team do what we all need to do – get along with each other. Can’t we all get along?

The Rest

Mustafa Ali def. Ricochet - Before the match, Ali was in the back with RETRIBUTION and said that Ricochet was a good man for declining the invite into the Hurt Business, but last week he said Ricochet was a sinner. Um, what is it then? If you thought these two were going to have a bad match, you would be very wrong. They have great chemistry together. Ali did a sick backstabber from the top rope and a Koji Clutch submission that looked equal parts devastating and… sexy? I have a soft spot for both men so… well we’ll call it a soft spot.

… Heh. Let’s… move on.

McIntyre and New Day def. Orton, Miz, and Morrison – Once again WWE decided that we needed to have more Miz and Morrison in with the main storyline and while the promo to start the show was entertaining, the match didn’t really do much for me. I’m just really tired of the Miz and Morrison pairing, but I like that Orton’s taking on this paranoid persona. Next week we’ll be seeing a title match between he and McIntyre and that could go many different ways.

Bobby Lashley def. Titus O’Neil - Titus came into the match with a lot of aggression, and I really liked it a lot. It was a quick match but it was a contrast to what we’ve seen from Lashley’s singles match lately.

Angel Garza gives me a rose again - Angel Garza keeps professing his love for me and I need someone to let him know, while I am engaged, I absolutely accept and want all of the amazing things he can offer me. I know he’s talking about me and absolutely no one else. Can someone let him know please? I mean Ali and Ricochet aren’t offering right now…

Uh… moving on!

Shayna Baszler def. Lana / Nia gets disqualified- Last week, I started to actually feel bad for Lana in storyline. They really carried that same feeling into this week. Dana and Mandy were sympathizing with Lana on commentary as Shayna was destroying her in the ring. Lana tapped out, and then Nia cleared the announce table for the 8th time, and Dana and Mandy protected Lana from getting her weekly tabling.

Later, Nia faced Asuka who we haven’t seen for a few weeks. Asuka had her in some nice submission attempts but Shayna and Lana got up on the apron and Shayna was choking out Lana for interrupting her. Asuka hip attacked them and put the Asuka Lock on Nia, but Shayna came in and kicked her. The whole team brawled and I noticed that at one point Mandy was sent out of the ring holding her arm and in visible pain, then disappeared. I hope she’s okay! Lana also was then put through the table for the 8th time. Gotta get that in! I’m really feeling sympathy for Lana now. I hope she’s the sole survivor at the pay-per-view.

R-Truth won, then lost, then won the 24/7 title again - Hurt Business beat up Drew Gulak for wearing a clip on tie and wanting to join them. Truth pinned him for the title for his 43rd win. 43rd! Then he had a SEVEN WAY TITLE DEFENSE against Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik, Gulak, Tucker, Tozawa, and Erik from the Viking Raiders. Everyone won the title, and then Truth won it again. Harmless fun here.

Everyone go show love to our Rev. Claire who has to liveblog all of this.

Alexa picks Him – Nikki Cross confronted Alexa about her being with evil Bray Wyatt and The Fiend. While she was talking, it looked to me that Alexa was almost coming to her senses the way she was looking at Nikki. Nikki apologized for being a bad friend and said that she needs to choose between her and The Fiend. Alexa blew these flowers into her face and said that she chooses Him, and walked off. I am really enjoying Alexa’s role in this and I know it’s not everyone’s favorite, but just know that Alexa is having the time of her life with this storyline as a horror fanatic.

Raw was a pretty decent show! I haven’t had a bunch of excitement for Monday’s as of late and this was a breath of fresh air. Next week seems to be fun already, with two title matches between Orton and McIntyre and New Day and Hurt Business. Let’s keep up the good!

Grade: B

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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