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Medium well take: This is a bad way to take the Stunner

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Strap in, folks, because I’ve got a take I decided I had to share with all of you. It’s not quite a hot take — more like medium well.

So here it is: This...

... is a bad way to take the Stunner.

A lot of fans seem to really love this choice, as famously showcased by Scott Hall, who loved remaining standing for it so he could oversell the hell out of it:

I get the idea — the argument that it looks more powerful when the guy taking it can put that extra spring into it. But it just comes off so goofy and overdone to me. It looks like someone finding the most ridiculous way they can fake it.

Now compare those to this immaculate sell from Triple H back at Unforgiven in 1999:

Now that’s how you take a Stunner.

If you disagree, tell me why.