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Edge saved Ember Moon’s wrestling career

Ember Moon returned to NXT earlier this week at TakeOver 31. It was a very surprising moment because as recently as three months ago, Moon suggested that her career was in jeopardy because she was facing another potential surgery to repair her devastating Achilles injury.

So what happened? How did she return to the ring in just three months from that extreme low point? Moon explained to Daily DDT that her career was saved after receiving some great advice from Edge:

“In May or June, I found out I’d have to have a second surgery because the scar tissue had built up so much into the joints that it was preventing movement. I’m such an introvert and I hate showing real people emotions because I’m a crazy werewolf, vampire thing. I was crying because I just found out the day before I might have to have that second surgery. On Backstage, they were like, ‘What do you want to change in my career?’ And I was like, ‘My foot.’ I was crying and I think that was the most real I’ve ever been on TV. Not saying I haven’t been real, but that was the first time I allowed myself to be vulnerable as my real self.”

“I was so distraught in my own feelings and Edge reached out to me. I didn’t think it was Edge, I thought it was Braun playing a trick on me. I was like, ‘What? How did you get my number?’ He goes, ‘No, this is Edge.’ I said, ‘Oh! Hi, sir. How are you doing today?’ Honestly, because of him and Triple H, that’s how it started turning around. Edge was basically like, ‘Do this, get a sauna, get a bike, you have to do this.’ He basically sent me a Cliff-noted version of what he was doing because he had such a bad Achilles rupture, too, that they said he would never come back. When the complications started happening, that’s when they told me I might not be coming back.”

“The surgeon was top five in the country, but he hadn’t seen that ever. Part of me is a little proud that if I did it I did it all the way. It was just insane. Edge helped me out so much with telling me what type of therapy to do and routines that would help. I sent that to my therapist and everything started to turn around. It was slow, but it started turning around. I remember the surgeon telling me in July, ‘Your foot’s actually looking a lot better now. This is what we’re going to do. We’re either going to clear you in six weeks to do in-ring procedure or you’re going to have the second surgery. That’s what it came down to, so it was one of the most nerve-wracking appointments I’ve ever had in my life. If I had that second surgery, I probably wouldn’t have come back.”

Ember goes on to describe her excitement about returning at TakeOver 31, and how very few people knew she was the mystery motorcyclist. Plenty of people backstage were legitimately fooled, and Moon intentionally fueled the speculation about Bo Dallas being the mystery person. So head on over to Daily DDT to read these additional details on how Moon’s comeback culminated in a very emotional moment at TakeOver 31.

And kudos to Edge for going out of his way to help Ember Moon get her career back on track.

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