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Drake Maverick & Killian Dain have the best entrance music

For weeks now, Drake Maverick has been trying to convince Killian Dain to team with him. Dain has been very resistant, though he’s veeeery slowly coming around to it.

This week, Maverick booked a match for them against Ever-Rise, something that Dain wasn’t into at all. But it was the entrance music that stole the show.

Drake chose an upbeat, happy-go-lucky whistling theme that is pretty much the opposite of the Beast of Belfast. It was pretty hilarious... and catchy.

You can find the music here in the beginning of the video (Dain put the kibosh on that very quickly) and in the end after their victory.

The match consisted of Drake getting his butt whooped. It wasn’t until Ever-Rise talked trash to Dain that the big man got involved to affect the match. Maverick foolishly tried to tag himself back in when Killian had everything under control. Because of that, his own partner powerbombed him onto their opponent for the 1-2-3.

Drake isn’t taking any hints here and tried to celebrate with Dain at the end and got punched in the face. (It’s not the first time.) But the big dude felt bad for him and carried his partner out, which made Maverick rather happy.

So progress.

But really, it’s all about that music. It’s catchy. Drake kind of marches to it. And it’s the antithesis of everything Killian Dain is. I can’t wait to hear it played as they hold up the tag team titles.

You can find the results from tonight’s NXT at the live blog here.

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