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Mustafa Ali is doing a better job promoting & explaining RETRIBUTION than WWE

On Raw this past Monday (Oct. 5), Mustafa Ali was revealed as the leader of RETRIBUTION. Since then, he’s been doing work on social media to push the group. It’s only a handful of tweets, but it’s quality over quantity.

This continues a trend of the wrestler’s online efforts being more successful in getting the new faction over than WWE’s on-screen ones. T-Bar (né Dominik Dijakovic), who seemed to be in charge of RETRIBUTION when its five core members were revealed a couple weeks ago, landed a few big Twitter shots at Chris Jericho and Eric Bischoff that got internet fans buzzing. Mia “Reckoning” Yim popped fans by mocking critics, and Dio “Mace” Maddin & Shane “Slapjack” Thorne are just entertainingly odd.

Ali is playing it straight, whether he’s pointing out interest in the angle...

... or offering an explanation for why the key players would want to “destroy” the company that pays them...

It’s an uphill battle, and they’re gonna have to win lots of in-ring ones along the way to turn this thing around. But it might actually be coming together as a wrestling storyline we can enjoy without getting distracted by WWE’s lack of attention to detail?

Let us know what you think about Ali’s efforts, and where RETRIBUTION stands overall.

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