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WWE threw the 24/7 title scene in the trash

Literally. And it was pretty darn fun.

Before anyone gets scared, we’ll give you the important information right up top. Global treasure R-Truth still has his baby. But after the Oct. 5 episode of Raw, he’s now a 42 time 24/7 7/11 I-95 South 2020 champ.

How did that happen? Well, it’s a long story. But fortunately, no one died at sea this time.

It started with Truth holding a mock WWE Draft with Little Jimmy. His board was mostly made up of announcers, producers, Firefly Fun House characters, and ninjas. Jimmy tried to talk some sense into him, but... how do you think that went?

I mean, Truth thought the hooded janitor - excuse me, custodian - behind him was Randy Orton (call back to last Monday when the Viper snuck into the Legends Lounge to beat up Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, and Christian). He didn’t even catch on to what was happening when he bumped into a referee...

Come on, man. You’ve been in this 24/7 game for a long time now. We expect more from you.

After Drew Gulak’s mop bucket-assisted win, the now three time champ started brainstorming his new book, A Guide To Preparedness*. He should have been more focused on actually being prepared, though. Not only did Truth pop out of the dumpster he was hiding behind, but ninja ghost Akira Tozawa was revealed to be in another trash can nearby.

Our second 24/7 championship Triple Threat in as many weeks ensued.

He had to get dirty to do it, but Truth is once again the champ. He made it to his gig on Raw Talk, too - but Nia Jax said he smelled disgusting.

Ah well. The important thing is he’s still champ. And that you’re all caught up what remains the most dumb fun you can have while watching wrestling on Monday nights.

* Don’t get your hopes up about ever reading Drew’s book. A lot of us are still waiting on a full Powerpoint presentation from the guy.

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