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Mustafa Ali is with RETRIBUTION

When RETRIBUTION first came around and started making its presence felt on WWE television, there were some rumors a leader would eventually be revealed. Apollo Crews’ name was briefly mentioned, but after the group unmasked and signed up for Twitter, it seemed they were simply going to continue on their path as the “locusts of contempt” or whatever.

Then, on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, they hit the scene to attack The Hurt Business ... on orders from Mustafa Ali:

Samoa Joe wondered just how long this has been going on, and Byron Saxton pushed the idea that he’s been the mastermind all along. We’ll surely learn as much in the weeks to come, pending the draft, of course.

It actually fits for Ali’s character arc, what with his constantly being pushed down the card and forgotten about by those in power despite his obvious talent.

There may be hope for this story just yet.

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