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Who you talking about, Natalya?

Nattie has a secret...

So who is Natalya, Tom Prichard and TJ “Tyson Kidd” Wilson’s mystery training partner?

The obvious speculation is Ronda Rousey. We’ve already seen signs of the former Raw Women’s champ hitting the ring to work off some rust, and prepping for a Royal Rumble return leading to a WrestleMania 37 feud seems plausible for the proud part-timer. We also know Nat and Rowdy have trained together extensively in the past... and that they want to face each other in WWE again.

It could also be Charlotte Flair, though. We haven’t seen the Queen since June, when she left to get surgery to address a recurring issue with a plastic surgery implant. There was talk of a SummerSlam return that obviously didn’t happen. Papa Ric said his daughter might be out by next year’s ‘Mania, but Charlotte shot that down. Flair would presumably want to hit the gym before coming back, but if she did, I bet she’d roll with fiancé Andrade. On the mat, you filthy animals. What did you think I meant?

Anyway... let us know who you think Natalya is talking about in the comments below.

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