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WWE NXT TakeOver 31 results: Balor wins a war of attrition against O’Reilly

The Undisputed ERA sent Kyle O’Reilly out for the biggest match of his career on Sun., Oct. 4. His opponent, NXT champion Finn Balor, entered the new Capitol Wrestling Center with none of the flamboyance of his first title run for the brand. It still made for a dramatic TakeOver 31 main event.

The technical wrestling which started the match seemed to favor the challenger, but Balor was able to hold his own and take control... and taunt O’Reilly, an opponent he’d labeled a tag team specialist who wasn’t on his level.

O’Reilly would battle back, but he suffered an injury familiar to mixed martial arts enthusiasts like the former Tag champ as KOR spent the middle and latter portion of the match selling a liver shot. Balor targeted the midsection with strikes and stretches, but Kyle would not submit - or stop fighting back.

Eventually, the NXT title bout became a war of attrition. Finn escaped an armbar. O’Reilly kicked out of a 1916. Both men were gasping for breath as Kyle caught Balor on the top before he could deliver Coup de Grace. He went to work on the champ’s damaged left knee. A heel hook had Finn writhing in pain, but the Prince eventually reached the bottom rope to survive. He’d answer with multiple stomps to the challenger’s midsection, including one from the top rope to end it.

A bloody mouthed Balor celebrated, and offered his hand to O’Reilly. The two men posed in the ring, but Kyle was distracted by Ridge Holland appearing in the stands... with Adam Cole over his shoulder.

The big Brit threw Undisputed’s leader to the floor and exited as the KOR joined Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong to check on their friend.


For a complete rundown of everything that happened at the Capitol Wrestling Center tonight, head to our live blog here.

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