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WWE NXT TakeOver31 results: Kushida’s new attitude pays off against Velveteen Dream

Known for (among other things) his TakeOver looks, Velveteen Dream came into TakeOver 31 mocking his opponent’s love of Back To The Future with a Doc Brown cosplay. Kushida wasn’t feeling it, or waiting for the bell.

Showing off his new attitude in his first TakeOver match, the Japanese super-junior legend attacked while Dream was still posing. Dressed like Marty McFly in a street fight, Kushida took it to the gray-haired youngster.

Dream worked his way back into contention, of course, but Kushida’s viciousness remained the story. He eventually yanked Velveteen into the ringpost shoulder first repeatedly, then dropkicked the ring steps onto Dream’s forearm. That left the Purple One begging for mercy, and Kushida sought to end things with arm submissions.

A thumb to the eye got Dream back into the action again, and he would hit his Purple Rainmaker elbow drop. But his damaged wing bothered him too much to get a good cover. When he went for a second one, Kushida caught him on the top and locked in the Hoverboard Lock as they were falling to the mat. Velveteen fought, but even when he tried for a Dream Valley Driver, could not get free.

After the bell, Kushida wasn’t done. It took multiple officials to get him to let go of Dream, who was left writhing in pain on the mat.

For a complete rundown of everything that happened at the Capitol Wrestling Center tonight, head to our live blog here.

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