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Another reminder Sting is a free agent

Back in May, Mattel announced a Sting action figure “needed to be removed” from series 7 of their Legends line which had been planned for their Legends line “due to circumstances out of our control.”

That was followed by reports the Hall of Famer’s contract with WWE had expired, and rumors he could make an appearance for AEW.

It’s mostly been quiet on the Sting front since, but PWInsider reports that yesterday (Oct. 29), WWE Shop pulled all of Stinger’s merch from their site. No more t-shirts, backpacks, sweatpants, foam fingers - it’s all gone.

As was the case when Brock Lesnar’s gear left the online store, this is likely a sign another contract between WWE and Sting has expired, or a milestone from the main deal has passed.

Does that make it more likely he’ll show up on Dynamite, or return to Impact? Not necessarily, but it’s another reminder he could.

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