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You toxic idiots aren’t getting to Carmella

We’ve seen next to nothing of this new version of Carmella, who has officially revealed herself as the mystery SmackDown star in the vignettes, but that hasn’t stopped fans on social media from attacking her appearance. Twitter is an absolute cesspool that should be ignored but it’s part of her job so of course she’s going to see it.

Thankfully, she seems to understand and is responding in the best way she can:

As for those wondering if this is just another version of the Emmalina character:

It’s fair to wonder what kind of depth WWE is going to give the character, considering the promotion’s track record with damn near every character on the roster, but none of that is on Carmella, who hasn’t even been given the chance to make it work yet.

Let’s just give her that chance, shall we?

After all, the women’s division could really use some fresh contenders at the top of the card on both Raw and SmackDown.

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