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Report details WWE’s take over of wrestler Cameo accounts

WWE Network

Much of the conversation around WWE’s new policy on their wrestlers’ engagement with third party social platforms over the last few days focused on the video game streaming site Twitch. But the video messaging app Cameo was also covered, and a report from late yesterday (Fri., Oct. 2) offered specifics on how the company is taking ownership of those accounts.

The details come from Wrestling Inc’s Raj Giri, the original source of this week’s story about Twitch revenue. Giri reports that WWE is making talent sign agreements to turn over their Cameo accounts to the company (this may be what Andrew Yang was referring to when he claimed WWE was making its independent contractors “sign new contracts”). Key points of the new agreements include:

- Talent affirm that WWE is their authorized representative

- Talent authorize Cameo to make all payments and any other compensations to WWE

- Cameo will not be made a party in any dispute between the talent and WWE

- The authorization can be cancelled at any time only if the account is cancelled

Previously reported aspects of the Twitch deal - including that accounts using the performers’ real names are included, and that whatever percentage of revenue WWE passed through to wrestlers will count against the downside guarantee in their main contract - are also said to apply to the Cameo deal.

One important distinction, at least from Yang’s accounting of the Twitch contracts, is the note about cancellation. That would seem to indicate WWE isn’t “forcing” anyone to Cameo.

Beyond that, there’s not much else to say at this point. There are arguments for why Vince McMahon & team could apply these agreements to employees, but they’re very hard to justify given the fact WWE actually classifies its talent as independent contractors.

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