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Halloween Havoc is a huge hit and delivers NXT’s largest audience of the year

The ratings and viewership data are in for this week’s (Oct. 28) NXT and AEW television shows.

Per Showbuzz Daily, Dynamite netted 781,000 viewers for a .32 rating point in the 18-49 demographic. NXT checked in with 876,000 viewers for a .25 rating point in the same 18-49 demo.

For AEW, this is an increase of about 28,000 viewers from the prior week, with a rise from last week’s 0.30 demo rating. For NXT, viewership surged by a whopping 232,000 viewers from the prior week, and the demo rating spiked up from last week’s 0.16.

AEW ticked up from 13th to 12th place in the demo rating for the night, while NXT jumped all the way up from 56th to 21st place.

Halloween Havoc was a major success for NXT, raising the demo rating by a stunning margin. AEW’s gains were more modest, but I’m sure they’ll take it. NXT had nearly 100,000 more viewers than Dynamite.

These results put the ratings disparity in stark contrast; AEW’s overall audience was smaller than NXT by a decent amount, but was greater where it counts for advertising. However NXT did win in males age 12 to 34, so that’s something worth keeping an eye on.

Here’s a breakdown of AEW viewership and rating in the 18-49 demo over the last year:

Here’s a breakdown of NXT’s audience and ratings share of the same demographic:

Total viewership for Wednesday night checked in at 1,657,000 pro wrestling fans.

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