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Edge, CM Punk among those with great stories about Tracy Smothers

Unfortunately, we do a lot of these “wrestling world remembers” posts. I honestly can’t remember one like this, though.

Tracy Smothers, who died recently at age 58, was a name I knew. I have fond if not particularly distinct memories of his late 90s work, and knew a little of his history before becoming a mid-card comedy guy in the then-WWF and ECW.

Mostly though, I’d read quotes and heard stories from my favorite indie wrestlers of the aughts about what a great guy he was. That’s certainly born out in the remembrances below.

But that’s just one group of lives Smothers touched. As John Pollock put it while sharing his excellent Post Wrestling obituary for the man, Tracy was “a rare link from the ‘80s territorial system right up to the modern independent scene.” It seems like everyone I’ve ever watched wrestle has worked The Wild-Eyed Southern Boy at one point or another. And they all loved the man.

Smothers career - his life - is a reminder that no matter where we find ourselves or what role we’re given, we can have an impact on those around us by being generous with whatever we have to share, even if it’s “only” a kind word or a laugh.

We’ve tried to capture as many of the posts about Tracy as we could below, but they just keep coming. Enjoy these, remember a good man, and if we can all aspire to treat others the way he did, maybe we’ll be alright.

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