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WWE NXT results, live blog (Oct. 28, 2020): Halloween Havoc!

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight, live from the Capitol Wrestling Center: Shotzi Blackheart hosts Halloween Havoc as two title matches - North American champion Damian Priest vs. Johnny Gargano and Women’s champ Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae - will have stipulations decided by Spin The Wheel, Make The Deal! Plus, Rhea Ripley and Raquel González will hoss it up, Dexter Lumis & Cameron Grimes head to a Haunted House of Terror, we look for answers on Pat McAfee’s plans for new Tag champs Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch in his war against Undisputed ERA, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


We get a creepy intro, and then our host Shotzi Blackheart literally made sparks fly from the electric chair by the Wheel in what is supposed to be one of her four costume changes for the night - a Frankenstein-y get-up.

A live axeman plays the Archer of Infamy in for our opening match.

Damian Priest vs. Johnny Gargano

The challenger popped the giant inflatable pumpkin on the stage. Shotzi spins the Wheel... it’s a Devil’s Playground match! No DQ, pinfalls count anywhere.

Perhaps thrown off by his nemesis the Wheel, it’s all Priest at the jump. A Stinger Splash and a spinning heel kick give the champ the first nearfall. A pair of forearms send Johnny to the floor. He tries for the upperhand when making Damian chase, but Priest catches the slingshot spear attempt. Gargano fights his way free, takes out the champ’s knee and sends him into the ringsteps. The challenger goes under the ring and grabs a kendo stick. But by the time he gets to Priest, the Archer has his night stick. They swing on each other as we go picture-in-picture.

On the small screen, Priest continues to have the advantage. He kicks Johnny’s butt on the busted pumpkin and tries to pin him there, but when Damian tries to carry him back to the ring (for some reason), Gargano slips free and pushes him off the ramp to take control. Priest stumbles back to the ring where he gets his nightstick back and blasts Johnny with it on the apron. The champ hits South of Heaven, but Gargano kicks out at two! They battle the the outside, where the Johnny counters an attempt to send him into the fence/plexiglass, then hits Sliced Bread on the steps! He covers there, but Priest kicks out! He comes back and slams Gargano on the announce desk with Broken Arrow!

They brawl through the graveyard, and when a skeleton pops out of the coffin, Johnny superkicks it. Priest makes him pay for that and drives him back through the apron with strikes. There, Gargano trips the champ into the loading bay door and slams a wheeled crate full of trash into him as we go to break again. Some of the commercials happen PiP, and sees the pair brawl into the crowd as Priest drives Johnny through the barricade and into another graveyard set-up on the other side of the ramp. Then the ad goes full screen for a bit.

When we return, the champ is in control and Gargano is trying to escape up the set. They end up on a platform with a second Wheel set-up on it. Johnny gets control and beats down Priest with a metal trash can, but takes a moment to yell at the Wheel. The champ beats him down and sets up for The Reckoning, but someone in a Grim Reaper costume appears with a steel bar! His attack puts Damian down and Johnny uses the wheel to run up for an enziguri! The reaper is back and hands Gargano a tombstone, which Johnny blasts the champ with, knocking him down to the floor. Johnny crawls down... one, two, three!

Johnny Gargano def. Damian Priest by pinfall to become the new North American champion

We get our first clear shot of our in-house announcers, and Vic Joseph is dressed as Waldo, and he’s pissed Wade Barrett isn’t dressed because he’s the one who wanted to do a costume contest. Barrett says he is in costume - as his favorite WWE Superstar, Bad News Barrett! And he’s afraid he’s got some Bad News, Vic looks like an idiot on global TV and he just won the contest!

While we see highlights of last week’s main event, we see Pat McAfee and the new Tag champs enter the building. They’re next.

Finn Balor gets a Superstar profile, but no news about his title reign. Then we see Cameron Grimes is nervously pacing. General Manager William Regal comes up to him and tells him to head to the parking lot where a van is waiting to take him to his Haunted House of Terror match. Grimes is confused, the ring is in the CWC and he thought Mr. Regal wanted him to have a match with Dexter Lumis. He doesn’t want to go to the parking lot, it’s the most dangerous place! Regal doesn’t care and ushers him out to his ride.

McAfee is on the mic in the ring with Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan. He rags on the fans a bit, and then launches into a slightly modified version of the promo explaining his actions that was posted online Monday night. He calls for mics for the Brit-Am Brawlers, but he’s interrupted by Kyle O’Reilly. KOR is alone since every other member of the ERA is injured, but O’Reilly brought back-up... it’s Pete Dunne! They chase McAfee’s guys to the apron with chairs, and the Bruiserweight blasts O’Reilly with the chair! Dunne and the Brawlers beat down Kyle, and Pete breaks his fingers and stomps the elbow. Then the champs lift him up, McAfee sets a chair up and they DDT him down on it! Pat tells “Cauliflower Kyle” that’s Undisputed!

We head backstage, and Mr. Regal sends Grimes outside. A van rolls up with a zombie in the passenger seat, and Michael PS Hayes dressed in orange & black in the back. The Freebird cuts the Bad Street USA promo on Grimes, then struts off after nudging Cameron into the van. Grimey says he hates rednecks as we head to commercial.

Jake Atlas vs. Santos Escobar

Escobar comes out in his Fantasma mask, and Mysterio-inspired tights. Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza are with him, all three have Dia de los Muertos facepaint on. A quick kick at the bell puts the Cruiserweight champ in the driver’s seat. Running double knees in the corner, and Escobar is talking trash while kicking ass. That fires Jake up though, who catches a chop and fires back with punches. Back elbow and a pair of throws follow, setting up a big German and a forearm that gets two.

Atlas climbs and hits the cartwheel DDR, but Wilde grabs Escobar’s foot and puts it on the bottom rope. Jake with a tope that takes out Legado del Fantasma. He fights them, but Mendoza puts on the loaded lucha mask for a head butt. The send Atlas back in for a Phantom Driver.

Santos Escobar def. Jake Atlas via pinfall

Video on Ember Moon talking about Dakota Kai’s attack last week. She puts over Kai’s development and says she has a sick kick, but she’s not going to like the receipt.

Blackheart’s back, and tells us the scares have just started. The Haunted House of Terror is next (howling ensues). After a break, an Elvira-looking Shotzi kicks us to the night’s cinematic match.

Cameron Grimes vs. Dexter Lumis (Part 1)

It’s the return of cinematic wrestling, as Grimes wanders across a lawn screaming warnings to Lumis (who we see sitting in a tree behind him at one point). Cameron enters the house, which looks like the place Randy Orton & Bray Wyatt fought the House of Horrors match in. He gets spooked by an deer head and we see Dexter enter behind him. A zombie ref in a corner scares Grimey and Lumis attacks. Grimes escapes into a bathroom where he sees a woman showering. He’s never seen The Shining apparently and tries for some sexy time, pulling the curtain back to reveal a demon lady. He backs into a window that Lumis grabs him through. Grimes back into what I think was a zombi-fied Kayden Carter, then gets a two-by-four and looks to turn the tide... but wansders into a room with multiple demon women. He fights them off and runs to the van to escape, but Lumis is in the driver’s seats. Grimey runs off into the night and this match is to be continued...

First, it’s time for a hoss fight! After some more commercials

Rhea Ripley vs. Raquel Gonzalez

The ref has a hard-time keeping these two black-clad brawlers apart. Neither woman gets the upperhand during the early going despite getting offense in. They trade slaps in the middle of the ring, then get to clubbering. Ripley tries to run the ropes after a leg kick bit gets pulled down by the head for some stomps. Gonzalez tries to Rhea up for a suplex but struggles, then Ripley lands on her feet. Clotheslines from the Aussie can’t put Raquel down, but a drop kick does. She sends Dakota Kai’s heater to the floor, but her next move gets caught and slammed into the plexiglass/fence. Gonzalez carries her back to the ring as they go PiP. She lays in some strikes during rest holds on the small screen, squelching a Ripley rally with a scoop slam as the commercials take up the whole picture.

A clothesline to the back of the head stops another comeback attempt when we return, and gets a nearfall. Gonzalez is getting frustrated with the kickouts, but takes too long and gets back dropped on a powerbomb set-up. Knees in the clinch from Rhea, then a neckbreaker and dropkick gets the former champ a nearfall! Both wrestlers struggle to their feet, but Ripley puts Raquel down first. She gets the inverted cloverleaf but can’t hold it. A boot and a spinning slam gets Gonzalez a cover, but barely for two.

Gonzalez sets Rhea up for the superplex, but Ripley fights it off. Rhea tries for Riptide from there but can’t hold it. They brawl there, and Raquel eventually flips the Nightmare to the mat from the top, but still only gets two. Scooped up for a powerbomb, Ripley counters into a head scissor that sends Raquel into the turnbuckles. Riptide follows and that’s it.

Rhea Ripley def. Raquel Gonzalez via pinfall

Grimes is running down a deserted road to the CWC as we go to break.

Drake Maverick is dressed as Hulk Hogan and cutting a promo when he’s interrupted by McKenzie Mitchell. He gets caught between The Giant and The Yeti, then Shockmaster comes through the curtain. That’s Killian Dain, who refuses to trip like Drake set it up. They run down all the stuff Drake’s planned that he hates, then Maverick puts on the helmet as Dain laughs at him.

Grimes stumbles back into the CWC and it’s time for...

Cameron Grimes vs. Dexter Lumis (Part 2)

He’s in the graveyard set-up being pursued by the zombie demon girls. He backs in to the ring where Lumis slides in behind him. The fog machine is working overtime during Dexter’s five moves of doom. A spinebuster ends a brief Grimes comeback, and the zombies come to Lumis’ side and enter the ring. One is driven off with a Cave-In, but another comes up behind him while another (I think it’s Kacy Catanzaro) climbs Lumis. He throws her onto Grimes, hits the sit-out side slam, and locks in The Silence.

Dexter Lumis def. Cameron Grimes via submission

Zombies crawl toward the unconscious Grimes as Lumis stares into the camera while The End appears in blood red on the screen.

Video package for the main event, then a Satana/Shotzi tells us to come back for the final spin of the wheel.

First, we get a Tommaso Ciampa promo. He says one thing has been clear since he’s returned. NXT is not the same. He’s heard all of the excuses and hopes. But he never asked for anything, and he was the best sports entertainer in the world until fate took that away from him. Now he’s gonna take it back, starting with Velveteen Dream, a “25 year old prodigy who can’t get out of his own way.”

Next week, we’re getting Ciampa vs. Dream and Moon vs. Kai.

Poppy is here to sing the champ to the ring for our main event.

Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae

Blackheart’s final spin gives us... a Tables, Ladders and Scares match!

The champ attacks at the bell, and kicks LeRae from the ring and follows with a dive. She goes to get some hardware from under the ring, which allows Candice to comeback and slam her into the apron. She pulls out a table, but there’s a bag on it. She dumps it out and it’s bloody mannequin body parts! LeRae is spooked and Io attacks with some “arms”.

Ladders come out, and Candice is able to slam Shirai’s arm in it. It doesn’t stop the champ from flinging her into the ringpost and over the announce desk. Io tries for something up there, but LeRae fights free and smashes a laptop in Shirai’s face! The Poison Pixie sets a ladder up from the desk to the ring, and her comes Io with a chair that she throws in Candice’s face! LeRae is driven into the ring steps with knees, and the Genius of the Sky gets more chairs from under the ring. She stops a Candice comeback with one, then loads up the ring with chairs.

Suplex from the champ on the floor as we go PiP. Shirai sets up a table on the floor, then brawls with the challenger before getting out a second one. They head back in the ring where Io hits a drop kick from the top. A swinging slam lets her head back out and finish setting up the second table (both have chalk outlines of murder victims on them). LeRae sends Io flying just as we go full screen again, and both women are down.

A ladder is finally set-up under the belt by LeRae, but Io cuts off her climb. The brawl with Io finally going for a moonsault, but she missed and hit her knees on the chairs she’d thrown in earlier. Shirai rallies and suplexes Candice onto a chair she set-up, then climbs, but LeRae catches her. She runs for double knees against a ladder Candice set-up there earlier, but the challenger dodges! The ladder falls on Shirai. Both women are fighting through pain when LeRae climbs, and Io hits her with a palm strike that leaves Candice lifeless draped over the top.

Rather than climb for the win though, Io sets up two chairs and goes for a superplex. Candice fights out, but gets caught in the ropes. Shirai traps her foot in a chair and twists it! She goes for the Tiger Feint Kick but comes up empty. Candice with a swinging neckbreaker through the tables! The hooded figure from match one rolls her into the ring and helps he up the ladder, but here comes Shotzi! She takes out the Scream-masked intruder. Two ladders are set-up and and they’re both up. Candice bites the champ’s finger to send her to the mat, but Io pushes over the ladder to send her crashing through the ladder set-up across the table earlier. It looks like she goes knee first into it - damn.

Shirai climbs the remaining ladder and claims the belt while officials race to check on LeRae.

Io Shirai def. Candice LeRae to retain the NXT Women’s championship

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