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Seth Rollins seems as annoyed as we are the WWE Draft extended his feud with Rey Mysterio

The Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio feud is one of a few WWE programs that feels like it’s getting a little long in the tooth. When Rollins was moved to SmackDown early on the first night of the recent Draft, it seemed like it might be over.

It would have made sense. Seth’s won the big marquee matches over Rey and his son, Dominik. The babyface’s family has managed to give the Monday Night Messiah-turned-SmackDown Savior his comeuppance on at least a couple occasions. It’s not clear where else they can go after Eye For An Eye & Steel Cage matches, and a possibly star-crossed lovers angle between Rey’s daughter Aalyah and Rollins’ former disciple Murphy.

But later in the night, Rey & Dom were also picked by the blue brand. In the week since that night, it’s become clear their rivalry isn’t over. And if that’s frustrating to you, check out how Seth reacted when asked about it on The Bump this morning (Oct. 21):

“Yeah, you know, I was hoping that SmackDown would be a fresh start for me, but they [the Mysterios] don’t seem to feel that way... So I guess we’re gonna have to finish that unfinished business before I move on to whatever the next chapter - or the first chapter - as the Savior of SmackDown will be.”

Rollins doesn’t sound too excited about it, but WWE already planted a seed for that chapter. The Mysterios (and Murphy) weren’t the only ones who mixed it up with the Savior last Friday. Daniel Bryan was also involved. Seth sent a message to DB on The Bump:

“I guess my message currently is, ‘stay out of my business.’ The thing is, he came out there - I get what he was doing. He was excited to be on SmackDown and the new roster and all that stuff. But he had conveniently left out my name. You know, Daniel Bryan and I go back a long way, and I felt a bit insulted by the fact that he didn’t mention someone who had been a big part of his career in a lot of different places. So, I took exception to it and I let him know about it.

“As of now, obviously, like we just mentioned with the Mysterios, I’ve got some unfinished business there, so I hope that he stays away. I don’t need any more thorns in my side while I finish that up. But afterwards, once I’m done hopefully retiring Rey Mysterio once and for all - we can pick up where we left off.”

Ready for that? Or are you still excited for more Rollins vs. Mysterio action?

Let us know, Cagesiders.

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