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Lana is training to violently kick Asuka’s head off

Lana is ready for her Raw women’s championship opportunity against Asuka.

After winning a battle royal to earn the title shot, Lana has taken her training up a notch by drinking eggs and breaking boards.

Earlier in the week, there were photos about Lana regurgitating raw eggs while attempting to chug them. Now, we have video evidence. If you are someone who gags at the sound of another person gagging, you may want to skip this one.

You can check out Lana’s full vlog video if you want to hear more gross sounds.

Lana may be on to something with her strategy of drinking raw eggs. All the liquid protein packed on power to her kicks. Lana exploded with fury to kick a board in half.

Damn. Lana’s intensity is frightening. Her scream of aggression makes me a little scared for Asuka. That kick could knock Asuka’s head clean off her shoulders.

For Asuka’s part, she’s not worried in the slightest.

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Lana versus Asuka for the Raw women’s championship goes down on the October 19 episode of Raw. Is Lana’s training pumping you up for the bout? What are the odds Lana pulls off the upset victory?

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