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Jey Uso: No top guy could deliver what I’ve done with Roman

He’s right.

Jey Uso winning the right to challenge Universal champion Roman Reigns at Clash of Champions was not a booking decision a lot of people saw coming.

It’s turned into one of the best decisions WWE’s made in months, though. After an electric scene in the main event of September’s PPV, the company has wisely decided to continue the program on to Hell in a Cell later this month. They were careful to keep both Jey & Roman on SmackDown during the Draft, too - so the “I Quit” Cell match on Oct. 25 might not be the end of the road.

Uso is understandably proud of what he’s done with his unexpected singles run. As he told Peter Rosenberg on ESPN’s Cheap Heat podcast:

“When they put you in that position, they are running with you. It’s the number one guy, and whoever he’s feuding with, that’s number two. I’m the number two.

“It’s a dope transition and a good transition to make at this point. I always revert back to the tag team game, that’s my ish I do like the singles competition, it’s really making me find out something about myself that I didn’t know I could do. I can bang with them and hang in there. Everything has been real busy, especially before Clash of Champions. After Clash of Champions - ain’t no stopping this.

“If you saw that pay-per-view, you know damn well, this is the hottest thing in wrestling right now. No one ever expected this thing to take off the way it did and we’re showing you real emotion. You can put The Fiend [Bray Wyatt] with Roman, Seth Rollins with Roman, whatever top guy they got, I guarantee you they didn’t pull out emotion and storytelling the way we did. It hit another level. We know how to do this. Tell me you didn’t feel like you were watching a movie, you forgot you were watching wrestling.

“The match was basic. What grew was the damn story.”

I can’t argue with any of that. Can you?

H/T: Fightful for transcription

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