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WWE Draft 2020 results, round nine: Nikki Cross to Raw, Ziggler & Roode to SmackDown


The latest draft picks:

  1. Raw: Nikki Cross
  2. SmackDown: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode
  3. Raw: R-Truth
  4. SmackDown: Apollo Crews
  5. Raw: Dabba-Kato

The acquisition of Nikki Cross continues the gutting of the Friday Night SmackDown women’s division. It also keeps Cross on the same brand as Alexa Bliss, who is doing her thing with Bray Wyatt, who also came over. That story can continue on its new night. Meanwhile, R-Truth isn’t going anywhere, which makes sense considering the 24/7 championship was created by the USA Network. Finally, Dabba-Kato was referenced as a Raw Underground star, which would seem to be WWE confirming that Raw Underground does indeed still exist.

SmackDown gets a tag team it had a few months ago in Ziggler & Roode, who are both capable of adding depth to any division. Crews will once again be given a chance to shine under some different lights.

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