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WWE Draft 2020 results, round eight: Elias returns to Raw

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Here are the latest draft picks:

  1. Raw: Elias
  2. SmackDown: Sami Zayn
  3. Raw: Lacey Evans
  4. SmackDown: Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura
  5. Raw: Sheamus

Raw gets the returning Elias, who has been out injured for much of the year. Having fans, even digitally, should help his act once again. They also get Lacey Evans coming over from SmackDown to provide some depth for the women’s division and whatever Sheamus has left in the tank to provide depth in the middle of the card.

SmackDown keeps the Intercontinental champion, Zayn, where he fits in much better with the blue brand roster. Kevin Owens going over is enough to start up a fantasy booking sheet for everything they can do together. They also keep Cesaro & Nakamura, who recently held the tag team titles and can slot in as a welcoming feud for The Street Profits.

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