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Jericho jumped in Orton’s Eddie Guerrero tribute to remind Randy he used to be a jerk

Last Friday (Oct. 9) would have been Eddie Guerrero’s 53rd birthday.

The legendary wrestler was on a lot of people’s minds, and remembrances and tributes could be found all over social media.

A particularly heartfelt one came from Randy Orton:

In addition to being a great Eddie story, Orton’s caption was also our latest piece of evidence of Randy’s maturation. From all accounts, the 13 time WWE World champ has grown from a young man who thought his third generation status gave him free rein to run wild backstage into a locker room leader & mentor for younger WWE wrestlers.

AEW’s Chris Jericho, who’s made trolling WWE part of his gimmick since signing with Tony Khan, replied to the Viper’s post. Not to share memories of his dear friend Eddie, but to remind Randy what a pain in the ass he used to be.

The kiss emoji are a nice touch.

I suppose if you squint just right you can take Jericho’s comments as a further tribute to Guerrero: that he persisted in working with Orton despite the newcomer’s attitude issues, and continues to make a difference in the WWE locker room almost 15 years after his death through guys he influenced.

Or it could just be wrong time, wrong place from Le Champeon.

Hey, they don’t call him the #TactGod.

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