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Tucker and Otis react to being split up in the WWE Draft

For whatever reason, WWE decided to keep Otis on Friday Night SmackDown, where he is the current Money in the Bank contract holder, and move his tag team partner in Heavy Machinery, Tucker, over to Monday Night Raw.

The two reacted to the news dropping today via social media and the messages look the same:

It makes sense on the surface of it — Otis is primed for a singles run, what with the contract he’s holding, and all signs indicate Vince McMahon is high on him.

But what does that mean for Tucker and his future?

The early prospects aren’t great. Tucker was fantastic in his role as the sort of zany sidekick to the already zany Otis, a strong support character who could help get the babyface over. For that reason, I can’t quite understand the move here, especially if there isn’t any belief in Tucker as a singles star.

Main Event, here he comes.

Damn it.

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