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Report: WWE plans to take over Twitch accounts and revenue from its wrestlers

Last month, Wrestling Inc broke the news that Vince McMahon issued an edict banning its wrestlers from engaging in third party deals.

Wrestling Inc has followed up on that story with a new report about WWE assuming control of its wrestlers’ Twitch accounts in four weeks, and controlling the accompanying revenue:

“In September, McMahon issued an edict instructing talent that they can no longer engage with third parties. The company later clarified the edict, stating that talent could maintain Twitch and YouTube accounts under their real names, however they would still need to inform the company of those accounts.

Wrestling Inc. has also learned that talent were told this week that the company will be taking control of their Twitch accounts in four weeks. WWE will own those accounts, however talent will receive a percentage of the revenue, which counts against their downside guarantees.”

On the surface this report sounds a like a terrible outcome for the wrestlers in WWE, who are unfairly classified as independent contractors. WWE’s attempt to micromanage and control the amount of money their wrestlers can make through Twitch is a ruthless maneuver that is rooted in a sickening level of greed. All pro wrestlers need to have their eyes open to the reality of what WWE is doing here.

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