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The brand-to-brand invitation is still a thing

WWE has announced the following three segments for tomorrow night’s (Oct. 2) episode of SmackDown:

  • Roman Reigns will officially be crowned the Tribal Chief in a ceremony hosted by Paul Heyman
  • Sami Zayn will defend the Intercontinental championship against Jeff Hardy
  • Kevin Owens will host “The KO Show” with special guest Alexa Bliss

Many fans have joked about WWE’s yearly coronation of Roman Reigns as The Guy with each successive WrestleMania main event, so it’s pretty fitting that he actually is having what sounds like a coronation ceremony on this episode of SmackDown.

Jeff Hardy just lost the Intercontinental championship to Sami Zayn earlier this week at Clash of Champions after Hardy’s ear was handcuffed to a ladder, so perhaps this match will bring some closure to their story.

The brand-to-brand invitational rule still exists, and Kevin Owens is taking advantage of it to host his talk show on Friday night. He’ll try to get to the bottom of whatever trance is controlling Alexa Bliss these days. It’s probably not the best idea for Owens to get mixed up in The Fiend’s business.

Is this lineup enough to get you to tune in tomorrow night?

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