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Becky Lynch is right about the double standard women wrestlers are held to

That’s the Becky Lynch fans know and love.

The slow burn of Lynch getting her swagger back is starting to hit its high notes. This week on Raw, Lynch punched Asuka in the throat and then topped that by cutting a passionate promo backstage.

Appearing at the CES 2020 Conference in Las Vegas, Lynch did an in-depth interview with Jenny Rooney of Forbes about balancing feminine and masculine leadership styles to maximize impact in the business world. The entire interview spans 25 minutes, but during it Lynch gave a great answer about the double standards women are held to in professional wrestling.

She’s "The Man": Balancing Feminine and Masculine Leadership Styles to Maximize Impact

Creating more gender balance in the business world often means challenging age-old stereotypes that disempower women. Tune in live from the #EqualityLounge @ #CES2020 as we hear from a highly accomplished woman who embraced a male-driven narrative to ultimately create new possibilities for female athletes and performers. Jenny Rooney, Editor of the CMO Network, Forbes Becky Lynch, WWE Superstar

Posted by The Female Quotient on Wednesday, January 8, 2020

“If it’s a guy and there’s an error here or an error there, it’s kind of passed over. But if we let it slip, it gets poked at a lot more. Often times, I feel like I have the weight of a gender on my shoulders. A million guys have had terrible main event matches, if I have a subpar main event match, the question comes up, ‘Should women be main eventing?’ And that’s a load of crap to be honest with you. We all have off days, but we’re all trying to be the absolute best.

Unfortunately, we always have to be constantly on our game until that’s not a question anymore. So we are in the position where we have to be extra so that the future generations don’t have to deal with that anymore. It’s a little bit unfortunate but it’s a little bit of the way it is. It’s not good, it’s not right, but it’s what we have to do.

But it’s a mission I take on my back because I don’t want this to be a question in the future. I don’t want there to be a reason because of your gender, your race, because of anything else, your background, you can't do whatever it is that you want to do. That you can't main event WrestleMania. That you can be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, whatever it is. Come on, it’s 2020, those barriers should be gone by now.”

The Man really is back, and now she’s tackling social issues too.

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