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This Erick Rowan story is actually incredible

I know I’ve written that I’m worried about just how they plan to pay off this silly ass “what’s in the cage” storyline they’re working with Erick Rowan but I just can’t help but appreciate how well it’s been written.

They actually care about the details for once!

They actually gave us a legitimate story for the squash matches Rowan has been winning, what with the local athletes working actual strategies in an attempt to see what’s in the cage. It never worked, not even once, and they were savagely beaten up for their troubles, putting Rowan over while building intrigue and anticipation.

What’s in the damn cage?

It got even better this week when it turned out all anyone ever had to do was ask nicely. Mojo Rawley employed that strategy and this is where it got him:

More intrigue!

What made it even better was the next local athlete to wrestle Rowan paid attention and responded by doing the opposite of the rest -- he decided he would rather fight Rowan than see what was in the cage. He was still destroyed, of course, and this time Rowan actually made him look in it!

Here’s where that got him:

Even more intrigue!

Again, this is silly, and there’s no good way to pay this off, but it’s not often we get actually well thought out stories with characters acting appropriately within that story on WWE television. I’m just here to appreciate that.

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