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Becky Lynch is still The Man

I’ve been accused of being a Becky Lynch mark, which is probably because I am.

But that wasn’t always the case. And as she continues to amass time on top of the wrestling world, like many a fickle fan, I’ve wondered if maybe I’m not as in the bag for Bex as I was at this time last year.

She’s never been the most exciting in-ring wrestler (she may be one of the safest and most responsible though). With the right opponent, she delivers more often than not. With the wrong one, it can be difficult to remember why she’s deserving of a top spot.

The same is true of the story she’s placed in, although there her strength as a microphone worker can make up for bad creative or a weak partner. But still, several months of a mixed tag feud with Lacey Evans, Baron Corbin, and a fiance who at the time was floundering as a babyface proved there are some turds even she can’t polish.

Then a night like last night’s Raw happens, and I remember why Becky Lynch is still The Man.

A rekindling of her program with Asuka was probably long overdue, but both performers are making up for lost time. First, Lynch reminded us there are decent actors on the WWE roster as she sold self-doubt in the face of her upcoming Royal Rumble rematch with The Empress. And you didn’t need to speak Japanese to know Asuka was talking all kinds of trash when she came out to meet the Raw Women’s champ.

So what did Becky do? Punched her in the freaking neck, that’s what...

Then, Bex went backstage and spit some fire of her own. Lynch lets us know the soul searching she spoke of in the ring wasn’t an act, like Randy Orton’s fake-out the week before. She tied it back in to her character from before SummerSlam 2018 - someone who has doubted herself almost every step of the way, but who’s eventually punched those doubts in the neck and willed herself to be, well, The Man.

“Leaving the Royal Rumble with her multi-colored scalp in my hands means more to me than it ever has.”

Becky Lynch is The Man because she’s one of the most gifted storytellers in wrestling today. Last night was just a reminder.

And we haven’t even talked about the Beatrix Kiddo look she was rocking.

That’s my Man right there.

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