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Even Big Show thinks his match next week is hilarious

An otherwise touching post-show interview took a fun turn when Sarah Schreiber caught up with a returning Big Show after Raw in Oklahoma City last night (Jan. 6).

Show reflects on being out for the better part of two years, getting five hip surgeries that made him question his faith in himself and the business. Then Schreiber informs him that he’ll be in a six-man “fist fight” on next week’s show, and even a guy who’s worked for Vince McMahon for more than 20 years can’t believe his ears.

Check it out:

Like a pro, he plays off his laughter in a way that sells his character and the match. But I believe his initial shock is at hearing the idea itself, and you’ll never convince me otherwise.

Most important thing is... welcome back, big man. Great to see you happy & healthy.

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