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Despite controversy, Andrade retains his United States title vs. Rey Mysterio

How do you feel about controversy?

For Andrade’s first ever United States title defense, WWE booked an overfilled, mess of a match.

The thing is Andrade and Mysterio just cannot not have a bad match together.

The entire 20 minute plus match was just one big highlight reel. Then the controversy came up. With Mysterio looking for a pin, he got a three count but Zelina Vega put the champion’s foot on the rope.

The problem is the referee didn’t see it, counted three, and the bell rang to end the match. Two seconds later the referee waved off the decision.

Normally this would be one big WWE overbooked mess, but again, Mysterio and Andrade’s chemistry is powerful enough to overcome whatever the promotion throws at them.

The end of the match would also involve Vega.

Vega goes down and Andrade doesn’t bother to check on her. Mysterio goes to check on Vega and it costs him the match. Post-match, Andrade would go on to rip off Mysterio’s mask and hand it to Vega.

Would it better serve Andrade’s long-term push if he just defeated Rey Mysterio in a straight-up pro wrestling match on Raw?

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