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Andrade is open to his relationship with Charlotte Flair becoming a WWE storyline, just not now

While talking to the New York Post, current United States Champion Andrade made clear that because he runs with Zelina Vega right now there’s no place for him to make his real life relationship with Charlotte Flair — the two are engaged to be married — part of WWE storylines. But that doesn’t mean that will always be the case.

As he put it:

“Now it’s part of Andrade,” he said. “Sometimes when Zelina is injured or something, sometimes when I go to the ring and Zelina’s not in my corner, something is confused or like I forgot something. Now Zelina is beside Andrade. Andrade is beside Zelina. Now it’s a team.”

It’s one of the reasons he and Flair won’t be putting their relationship into WWE storyline at the present moment. But they are open to it happening down the road.

“Maybe in the future, but now she’s focused on her work,” Andrade said. “I’m focused on my work. Now Zelina’s in my corner. Maybe in the future, but not for now.”

For her part, Charlotte just entered the women’s Royal Rumble and is off conquering the women’s division. While WWE promoted the hell out of the two’s recent engagement announcement, they’ve never gone so far as to make it a thing that might become a thing on television.

That may only be a matter of time, though.

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