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Let’s guess what happens next in the Lana/Lashley/Liv/Rusev drama

Earlier this afternoon, Liv Morgan tweeted this:

Tease? Threat? Who can tell!

Something will almost certainly happen on Raw tonight (Jan. 6) to build on last Monday’s much watched, much discussed wedding angle. That ended with Liv Morgan returning to claim she and Lana were in love, and Rusev jumping out of a cake to help Morgan brawl with his ex and the man she was trying to marry, Bobby Lashley.

Reports indicate the angle is far from over, and that there are bigger twists and turns to come. Rusev himself told Jerry Lawler during a recent appearance on The King’s podcast that “I can only imagine where can we go from here.”

So... where do we go from here?

Will the Morgan/Lana romance talk persist, as Twitter posts from the two indicate it will? Or will we get a swerve, and find out Liv & Rusev came up with the scheme just to play mind games with The Ravishing Russian? Maybe they fell in love in the process?

Is Aiden English going to show up, feeling validated about that night in Milwaukee?

Maybe Lashley’s sisters return to tell Bobby not to sully the Lashley family name by marrying Lana?

Keep it PG-13, but give us your best guesses below Cagesiders.

We’ll see who’s right when Claire is forced to live blog it tonight!

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