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What the hell is WWE going to do for WrestleMania?

A couple days ago, this circulated:

Which, yeah, that seems par for the course with WWE these days. Then again, the lack of any kind of long term direction around WrestleMania time is concerning to say the least, especially with the XFL about to get going and Vince McMahon’s attention about to be split.

What may be more troubling is the lack of direction for any of the major stars. You could argue January is the month to put that together, but if that’s the kind of stuff circulating around the rumor mill, it doesn’t inspire much confidence.

Then it hit me: when looking at the current state of the promotion, it’s not all that clear who or what even should be the main event at WrestleMania 36.

Brock Lesnar is the current WWE champion on Raw, and there are no fresh challengers for him. Seth Rollins is the most over heel on the roster, and he just turned and has worked with Lesnar too much as it is. Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe are the top babyfaces but the former would have to come out ahead in this feud with Rollins and so far that hasn’t happened nor is there any reason to believe it will and the latter has also already worked with Brock. Cain Velasquez’s name has been thrown around but that’s beyond silly, for a number of reasons, not least of which the two minute submission loss Cain suffered to Lesnar at Crown Jewel a couple months back.

Bray Wyatt is the current Universal champion on SmackDown, and he’s in the midst of a legitimately compelling story with Daniel Bryan. They’re wrestling for that title at Royal Rumble, however, and it’s hard to imagine stretching that program all the way to April. Baron Corbin is the top heel otherwise, and he’s been pouring dog food on Roman Reigns in an uninspired feud that has gone nowhere. He’s been protected, mostly, but there’s little interest in his challenging for a top title at the biggest show of the year. As for Reigns, he would need heating up in a big way coming out of this program with Corbin. A Royal Rumble win could obviously go a long way toward accomplishing that, but who knows how fans would respond to both another Reigns Rumble win and another Reigns WrestleMania main event.

Even beyond the main event, there aren’t really any clear cut match-ups that look all that interesting for the undercard. There are no more returning legends from the past who can come in for a special attraction beyond maybe John Cena, if we’re calling him that now. I suppose they could always call Goldberg. Undertaker would probably get out of bed if the bossman came calling, but do we really want to see either of them? The desperation is such that rumors now suggest Edge could be rolling the dice with his neck to work one more match, rumors he has consistently denied.

As the years drag on, WWE’s failure to develop legitimate stars gets more and more difficult to ignore. That, more than anything, is why we’re sitting here wondering just what the hell they’ll do at the biggest show of the year.