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Dana Brooke’s win earned Lacey Evans a match with Sasha Banks

It looked like Lacey Evans’ face turn was setting up a shot at Bayley’s SmackDown Women’s title.

Maybe it still is. But for right now, Evans is feuding with Bayley’s tag partner Sasha Banks. Sasha spent a couple weeks trash talking Lacey’s daughter, which got into The First Lady’s head so much that she couldn’t stop talking about it last night... even though neither the champ or The Boss mentioned Evans’ child in their show-opening promos.

The win Lacey is talking about in that clip involved Dana Brooke pinning The Boss. Usually, that would be the set-up for a singles match between Brooke & Banks. But this program has zigged when we thought it was going to zag - just recently a rumor went around that Dana was only in it to take pins, not make them - so next week we’re getting Lacey vs. Sasha.

It’s not without justification. It was a Woman’s Right that left The Boss laying for Brooke to hit her senton and get the pin last night in Memphis. And Evans and Banks have unfinished business from a couple weeks back.

Will it ever set-up Bayley vs. Lacey for the belt?

Stay tuned.

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