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Fresh off a possible heel turn, Miz heads to WWE Backstage

Will his friend John Morrison join him?

CM Punk won’t be back for another couple weeks, but the Tues., Jan. 7 edition of WWE Backstage has a pretty good hook anyway.

Miz is clearly not the same man he was before he found himself on the receiving end of Bray Wyatt’s “forgiveness”. Last night (Jan. 3) on SmackDown, all his recent frustration boiled over. It led to him challenging Kofi Kingston and then, after he lost, to attacking the Tag champ from behind. Was it a momentary lapse, or a return to the dark side?

Getting his first extended comments on that would be enough to make his appearance on FS1 worth checking out. Hell, just thinking about watching Miz (one of the best at blending WWE’s ‘real’ and kayfabe worlds) chat with Renee Young again is giving me Talking Smack vibes.

But you also have to wonder if Miz’s friend John Morrison will be there, too.

JoMo’s latest WWE rollout has been an odd one. Weeks after news of his signing hit, he appeared on the online show The Bump. Then last night, we saw him answering The A-Lister’s door to tell Cathy Kelley’s his old tag partner wouldn’t be taking her questions about his apparent heel turn. It seems plausible his third appearance could be on Fox’s studio show.

We’ll find out in a few days. In the meantime, let us know if Miz makes WWE Backstage “must see” for you.

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