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Looks like The Rock will be all over Sunday’s Super Bowl

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A Super Bowl with several pro wrestling connections is getting one more.

We’ve already got Baron Corbin repping his Kansas City Chiefs and the King’s nemesis Roman Reigns cutting promos for his San Francisco 49ers. Niners tight end George Kittle has cero miedo.

Pentagon Jr. isn’t Kittle’s only fave...

... and as The People’s Tight End’s anecdote reveals, Rocky is already in South Florida for the big game. What’s The Great One up to?

Looks like The Rock is heading back to his old stomping grounds (before he was electrifying WWE audiences, Dwayne Johnson was on a national championshion team at the University of Miami). and he’s getting ready to cut a promo for the millions - and when it comes to the NFL’s biggest game, we do mean MILLIONS...

One of the biggest stars in the world needs an excuse to show up at one of the biggest events in the world? Checks out.

He’s also shared that he shot a pre-game segment with Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Johnson & Jay Glazer promoting his new Teremana tequila, but this leads me to believe that’s not all DJ will be doing on Sunday.

Will it be part of the game broadcast itself, or the house long pre-show? With the Fox tie-in, what’s the over/under on WWE references? Is he bringing the flamethrower from WrestleMania 32?