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WWE announces five new NXT UK signings

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Most of these folks have appeared on NXT UK already, or have experience with talents who’ve been through the London Performance Center. They’re officially WWE Superstars now.


- Pretty Deadly, the confident tag team of Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley, have impressed in recent showings on NXT UK television, taking on the likes of The Hunt and Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan.

- Sugary sweet 20-year-old grappler Candy Floss has plenty of experience across Europe and Japan. In her previous sojourns on NXT UK, the pink-haired Superstar has battled competitors like Rhea Ripley, Kay Lee Ray and Toni Storm.

- Levi Muir is a British powerlifting champion-turned-Superstar with plenty of in-ring experience in the UK, including promotions like PROGRESS.

- Camden native Dani Luna comes to NXT UK with several years of in-ring experience across the United Kingdom in promotions like PROGRESS, and has crossed paths with the likes of Ripley, Storm, Nina Samuels, Piper Niven and Meiko Satomura.

Based on the photos, and the fact he’s the one who hasn’t served as enhancement talent on WWE Network, Muir seems like the one to watch.

Give us your take, Britwres fans.