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CM Punk’s got jokes about WWE management upheaval

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As a special correspondent for FS1’s WWE Backstage, CM Punk’s been very clear he works for Fox, not WWE. He admits it’s a “never say never” business, but Punk maintains he has no interest in returning to Vince McMahon’s company at this time.

That’s good, because since he resumed tweeting about his former employer on a semi-regular basis, not much of what he posts is making reconciliation any easier.

His latest volley wasn’t anything on the level of a deleted one involving Miz, a sex act, and the phrase “Saudi Arabian blood money”. But in making light of recently announced changes to WWE’s leadership - believed to be the result of disappointing performance - Punk probably isn’t endearing himself to anyone in Stamford.

I’ll always pop for a Batman: The Animated Series joke. Which is probably why I’ll pay attention when The Voice of the Voiceless is back on Backstage. Punk revealed the exact date while responding to this tweet from an on-again/off-again member of the Dark Knight’s rogues’ gallery:

See you on the 11th... same bat time (11PM Eastern), same bat channel (FS1).