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Report: Luke Harper is expected to sign with AEW

Luke Harper fans can now rejoice.

The former WWE big man may have a new home.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required and encouraged), Dave Meltzer reports that Harper will sign with AEW and his debut date may already be set.

“Jonathan Huber (Luke Harper), 40, is expected to sign here and debut on 3/18 in Rochester, NY, which is his home town. He’s expected to use his old ring name, Brodie Lee. He could legally start as early as 2/12 but it’s for the best to debut him in Rochester where it’s guaranteed to get a big reaction.”

Welcome back Brodie Lee.

The latest rumors pointed to Harper showing interest in working with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Back in December, Harper was officially released from WWE after seven years with the company.

Where does Lee fit within AEW’s roster? Who should Lee feud with first?