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Poll: Did AEW or NXT deliver the better show on Jan. 29?

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Who won the latest battle in the Wednesday Night War?

Both shows were back with new content, and the Jan. 29 editions of TNT’s AEW Dynamite and NXT on USA Network are a wrap. There’s been time to watch them both (you know, if you’re not into that whole sleep thing) - or at least read up on what happened and check out Twitter GIFs or YouTube clips.

So which show did you enjoy more? Who delivered a more entertaining wrestling product?

Was it NXT, with a giant trophy & some pyro, two new TakeOver matches booked, and lots of women’s wrestling?

Or was it AEW, which featured Mox taking on the whole Inner Circle, an Elite reunion, and a bizarre love triangle helping Cody pick up a win?

You can peruse our NXT live blog & review and our Dynamite live blog & review before voting, if you want.

We want your take, Cagesiders? Tell us...


Who delivered the better show on Jan. 29?

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  • 45%
    (1383 votes)
  • 54%
    AEW Dynamite
    (1650 votes)
3033 votes total Vote Now

And if these things matter to you, here’s how the community’s voted during 2019’s battles in the Wednesday Night War. Below is a tally of this year’s results: