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John Morrison is back on WWE TV, and back at Miz’s side

In kayfabe, Miz has had a rough go of it lately.

He never did manage to make Shane McMahon pay for betraying him and beating up his dad. He bounced around in midcard feuds after that, then he found himself in The Fiend’s crosshairs. That not only led to a PPV loss, but the program involved Bray Wyatt invading Miz’s home and terrorizing his wife & daughter.

That all came to a head tonight (Jan. 3) on SmackDown. After a loss to Kofi Kingston set-up by a heated backstage exchange between the two men with the most title reigns last decade*, Miz attacked Kofi from behind. Big E made the save, and The A-Lister didn’t react well to the Memphis crown telling him he sucks.

Cathy Kelley went to Miz’s dressing room, looking to get a statement about his heel-ish actions. She never got to speak to him, however, as an old friend answered the door instead:

Reports came out earlier today that John Morrison was on-hand at FedEx Forum, and he certainly was.

What’s next for The Dirt Sheet duo?

If anything else happens with them tonight, you’ll learn about it our live blog.

* Not counting R-Truth, of course.