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Liv Morgan & Lana are selling their love story on Twitter

Whatever you think of the storyline, you can’t knock the hustle of the performers involved in Raw’s love triangle quadrilateral.

Rusev, Lana & Bobby Lashley have committed to the angle on screen, and continued to sell it in interviews and on their social media. The recently added Liv Morgan jumped right in on Twitter, providing evidence of how she discovered her “true self” in the course of falling in love with The Ravishing Russian:

Clever repurposing of past pics and posts from Liv. She’s heading into this new year differently, though it’s not clear if this means she’s over Lana, or having pink hair, or this angle, or...

Her ex(?) is also playing it up, hand-waving Liv’s bombshell from her wedding just like a self-centered villain should...

Meanwhile, Rusev is... well, Rusev...

Word is we’re getting more of this for at least the next couple of weeks.

Buckle up.

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