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Matt Riddle: ‘I guarantee you I get my hands on’ Brock Lesnar (UPDATED)

On Sunday, Brock Lesnar reportedly told Matt Riddle to stop bringing his name up because they were never going to wrestle.

On Wednesday, Riddle said he still thinks they’re gonna wrestle.

He did honor Brock’s request, because Riddle isn’t the one who brings up the WWE champ. That would be The Bump’s Dan Vollmayer, who asked The Original Bro about the possibility of facing Lesnar in Sunday’s Rumble match in Houston.

Riddle doesn’t even say Brock’s name. But he makes it clear he’s not giving up his dream of facing The Beast Incarnate.

DV: You came in at number 23. Would you like to have gone into the match a little earlier? Potentially facing someone by the name of Brock Lesnar? Or what would have happened if that happened?

MR: I mean, I think we all know the answer to that question. Of course I wanted to get in there. I wanted to be number two. But you know, it’s not up to me. It’s a random drawing, you know? It could have been anybody’s number two and it just wasn’t my year this year, you know? But I think in the near future, or maybe the far future, I’m gonna get my hands on him. One way or another.

Unless Vollmayer went completely rogue here, the fact he’s asking Riddle about this on a WWE produced show means that someone in management approves.

Do they approve because they hope to one day promote a Lesnar vs. Riddle match? Or just because they know it will some views and clicks right now?

Matt’s in character - at least when sticking to kayfabe about order of entry - so that’s another variable to consider.

Speculate away, Cagesiders. Or, you know, no sell the whole thing like Pete Dunne does.

UPDATE: On their Performance Center YouTube channel, WWE released this video after Riddle’s appearance on The Bump. His comments about Lesnar were filmed after the Rumble in Houston on Jan. 26, and include the NXT Superstar alluding to the reported confrontation with Brock in a more direct fashion.

“I really wanted to get my hands on Brock, you know. I saw him throwing everyone around. I don’t care what he says, or anybody else says. I don’t care if he wants the match or not. I’m gonna get it. I don’t care. It’s not up to him.

I don’t like being told ‘no,’ especially when I work as hard as I do. And trust me, I guarantee you. I guarantee you I get my hands on him, and I make that match happen - and I take his career. I promise. I promise.”

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