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The Good Place delivered a moment every wrestling fan can relate to

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I’m late on this, as the episode in question aired last week and a lot of blogs have already covered it. My excuse is there’s kind of been a lot of wrestling on since last Thursday, so last night was the first chance I had to catch up on my shows which don’t involve scantily clad people trash talking and pretending to fight each other.

One of those is The Good Place. I could go on and on about NBC’s great sitcom about four messed up souls, a demon and an A.I. trying to navigate (and fix) the afterlife. But that’s not what you’re here, on a wrestling blog, for. But if you want a wild sci fi/fantasy that will make you laugh out loud while pondering what it means to be human, go check it out.

Why do I bring it up here, on said wrestling blog? Because one of the main characters, Kristen Bell’s Eleanor Shellstrop, is a huge WWE fan. The show has a running joke about her crush on Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin even acknowledged it a little while back:

One of the great things about The Good Place is that while the set-up for everything that happened on last week’s penultimate episode has been building for four seasons, all you really need to know to appreciate the moment referenced in the headline is that Eleanor is an adult who watches wrestling and loves Stone Cold a lot.

The next-to-last chapter of the story featured the Good Place (aka heaven) throwing a party for our heroes that was designed to make them very happy. For Eleanor, that meant lots of shrimp cocktail and WWE memorabilia. There were stand-ups of Triple H and The Rock, and this...


Which to most people is just a gross thing they may have seen in a hospital, but to wrestling fans is... well, tell ‘em Shellstrop... “that’s the bedpan that Stone Cold Steve Austin used to beat up Vince McMahon in 1998!”

It’s then that we get a line I’m pretty sure I’ve uttered around non-wrestling fans, or at least felt like saying when asked “you still watch that stuff?”.

Met with the disbelieving stares of her friends, Eleanor explains/pleads: “It was a classic moment - don’t judge me!


Nothing makes me pivot from exuberance to embarrassment like pro wrestling.

The Good Place, as it often has about a lot of different aspects of the human condition, reminded me I’m not alone.

Its series finale premieres tomorrow night, and thankfully I’ll be watching it live instead of writing previews for WWE Network events.

Fingers crossed for a Stone Cold guest appearance.

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