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Roman Reigns said all the right things about putting Drew McIntyre over at Royal Rumble

When it was decided Drew McIntyre would win the Royal Rumble this year, giving him a shot at Brock Lesnar and the WWE championship at WrestleMania 36, it became necessary to figure out the best way to get him over within the match. The creative team accomplished that by having him both eliminate Lesnar after The Beast went on one hell of a run, and then drove it home by having him last eliminate Roman Reigns to win the match.

The match ended with Reigns eliminating the returning Edge, ensuring fans in Houston would want McIntyre to throw Reigns out to win the match himself. That, of course, required Reigns being on board with such a plan.

As he told it on WWE Backstage, he was all for it:

“... To have that responsibility not only to start the show off but then to close it, and then make that moment to be able to put Drew to the next level and get him to that win to get him to WrestleMania, I take a lot of pride in that, and especially for a guy like Drew McIntyre. He’s busted his ass, he’s really worked hard and he made his way back. When I came back they put me in his hands at WrestleMania so for me to be in that moment to have that opportunity to give back, that’s my deal right there, that’s what it’s all about.”

It really is no wonder Vince McMahon is always trying to push this guy as the face of the company. He’s painfully good at being just that.

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