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Title changes, football metaphors, a clown burger, and an NXT call-up

It was an eventful night on the 24/7 title scene last night on Raw.

Mojo Rawley, who was on the verge of cracking the top ten longest reigns, followed through on his promise to be a fighting champion. But before his scheduled match with No Way Jose, Rawley introduced a new phase of his plan. Using a football metaphor that actually makes sense given the background of the men involved but that no one in the San Antonio audience really seemed that interesting in, Mojo introduced an offensive lineman to protect his blindside... NXT’s Riddick Moss.

Moss, a former college linebacker & defensive back at the University of Minnesota, couldn’t extend his quarterback’s title run past eight days though. Because who could expect R-Truth would jump out of Jose’s conga line dressed in a hybrid hamburger/clown costume and pin Mojo?

Oh, right. Everybody. That’s who expected that. But it was fine because it was R-Truth dressed as a clown burger. And he was so excited to win his baby back for the 34th time that he danced his wig off.

Then Riddick did was he was called up to do and made sure Truth couldn’t escape until Rawley won the green-and-gold back to start his sixth reign.

And so it goes. Props for trying something different with Rawley and the 24/7, and keeping Ron Killings on our screens.

If you’re not familiar with Moss - and unless you pay close attention to NXT, you probably aren’t - he’s been with WWE for about five years. The 30 year old Minnesota native has mostly worked in tag teams; the highest profile one being with former NFL player Tino Sabatelli (who’s been out of action for almost two years following a torn pec). They took part in the 2016 & 2018 Dusty Rhodes Classic tournaments.

We’ll see how he does in 48/7 7/11 I-95 North European Television title scene.

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