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Dolph Ziggler didn’t like that camerawork during Edge’s return either

A top star from years ago who was forced to retire due to injury has just made his return to in-ring action. He’s entered the Royal Rumble from the 21 spot to a huge ovation and he’s climbing into the ring to get involved right away. The first thing he does is deliver his trademark finisher, the spear, to an opponent.

And we didn’t see it.

That’s a thing that actually happened at the Royal Rumble last night (Jan. 26, 2020) in Houston. Edge’s first in-ring action since he left all the way back in April 2011 was a spear to Dolph Ziggler and whoever was in charge of the production had viewers at home looking at fans in the crowd cheering it.

Ziggler didn’t like it either:

Thankfully, there is indeed footage — much better than cell phone, even — of the moment. WWE released it via YouTube as “unseen footage,” which is actually very bad because it should have been seen live as it was happening.

At least we can see it now, I suppose:

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