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Why Sasha Banks wasn’t in the Royal Rumble

Sasha Banks’ Twitter

With only a handful of wrestlers announced for the women’s Royal Rumble match last night (Jan. 26), it seemed like a no brainer four-time Raw Women’s champion Sasha Banks would be among the unannounced entrants.

But, as has been the case ever since Jan. 3, when she was pinned by Dana Brooke in tag team threeway on SmackDown, Banks didn’t wrestle at Houston’s Minute Maid Park.

It left a lot of fans wondering why. Fightful has an answer, saying it’s because Sasha was not medically cleared for in-ring action.

They didn’t report information on what the issue is, or its severity. PWInsider adds they’ve heard speculation it’s an ankle injury. Personally, I’ve been concerned about something like broken ribs or an internal injury since the senton Banks took from Brooke in that match at the beginning of the month, but that’s just an observation.

Both Insider and Fightful indicate the injury is the reason her announced SmackDown matches with Evans on Jan. 10 & 17 didn’t happen.

We’ll keep you posted with an any updates on Sasha’s status. You can find out who allegedly took her Rumble spot in the latest Rumor Roundup.

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