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WWE Royal Rumble 2020 results: Drew McIntyre’s time is now

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Brock Lesnar was the main event at Royal Rumble on Sun., Jan. 26 in Houston’s Minute Maid Park. Well, he started the main event, anyway, since the WWE champ was the first entrant in the Royal Rumble match. Would he stand tall to end the night?

He had a hell of run, but... nope.

After WWE went with the safe choice in the women’s Rumble, they used the men’s match to elevate someone to the main event scene. Drew McIntyre is going to WrestleMania, and a likely date with Brock Lesnar.

Here was the order of entry:

1. Brock Lesnar
2. Elias
3. Erick Rowan
4. Robert Roode
5. John Morrison
6. Kofi Kingston
7. Rey Mysterio
8. Big E
9. Cesaro
10. Shelton Benjamin
11. Shinsuke Nakamura
12. MVP
13. Keith Lee
14. Braun Strowman
15. Ricochet
16. Drew McIntyre
17. The Miz
18. AJ Styles
19. Dolph Ziggler
20. Karl Anderson
21. Edge
22. King Corbin
23. Matt Riddle
24. Luke Gallows
25. Randy Orton
26. Roman Reigns
27. Kevin Owens
28. Aleister Black
29. Samoa Joe
30. Seth Rollins

The order of elimination (and who they were eliminated by):

1. Elias (Brock Lesnar)
2. Erick Rowan (Brock Lesnar)
3. Robert Roode (Brock Lesnar)
4. John Morrison (Brock Lesnar)
5. Rey Mysterio (Brock Lesnar)
6. Big E (Brock Lesnar)
7. Kofi Kingston (Brock Lesnar)
8. Cesaro (Brock Lesnar)
9. Shelton Benjamin (Brock Lesnar)
10. Shinsuke Nakamura (Brock Lesnar)
11. MVP (Brock Lesnar)
12. Keith Lee (Brock Lesnar)
13. Braun Strowman (Brock Lesnar)
14. Brock Lesnar (Drew McIntyre)
15. Ricochet (Drew McIntyre)
16. The Miz (Drew McIntyre)
17. AJ Styles (Edge)
18. Matt Riddle (King Corbin)
19. King Corbin (Drew McIntyre)
20. Luke Gallows (Randy Orton)
21. Karl Anderson (Edge)
22. Dolph Ziggler (Roman Reigns)
23. Kevin Owens (Seth Rollins)
24. Samoa Joe (Seth Rollins)
25. Aleister Black
26. Seth Rollins (Drew McIntyre)
27. Randy Orton (Edge)
28. Edge (Roman Reigns)
29. Roman Reigns (Drew McIntyre)

Notable events:

  • Second entrant Elias tried to survive until the third entrant showed up by singing a little ditty called “Sacrificial Lamb” on his way to the ring, but he mostly just pissed Brock off. Lesnar suplexed him, then broke his guitar across his back, before throwing him over the top rope.
  • Rowan was eliminated with a clothesline after eight seconds. Roode only lasted a little longer. Morrison was in for nine seconds.
  • Kofi didn’t get in much offense, but he survived the 90 seconds. Ditto for Rey. Big E rallied the troops and they managed to all hit their finishers... before Lesnar recovered.
  • The pattern continued until Lee knocked Brock down and last until Braun showed up. Unfortunately, they decided to attack each other and got dumped.
  • Lesnar was eventually done in by a low blow from Ricochet while he was squaring up with Drew, then a boot from McIntyre. He stayed ringside to trade glares with the Big Scot.
  • Business slowed down for a bit, then the Rated R Superstar blew the roof off the place and speared everybody.
  • Trainers were checking on Styles just before he was eliminated.
  • Orton hit RKOs on The OC upon entering, then a quick Rated RKO reunion led to Gallows & Anderson’s tandem eliminations.
  • Edge looked gassed from then on.
  • Rollins entered with his crew, which prompted KO & Joe to rush and meet them on the ramp. Buddy Murphy & AOP helped him take out (but not eliminate) everyone still in the match.
  • Owens threw Seth over the top, but Akam & Rezar caught him. KO, Joe & Black brawled with the Messiah’s guys after being eliminated. That took them off the stage so the remaining guys could surround Seth. Reigns turned down a Shield fist bump before Superman punching him.
  • The Edge & Orton show continued then, with Drew taking a double RKO. Randy tried to sneak up his former partner after that, but Edge convinced him to go after Reigns... then threw Orton over!
  • Edge and Reigns had a spearing contest before the end.

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